Iron & Bass

As told by Marcus Colby

Joe Parker - Sept. 1, 2001

As told by Marcus Colby at the Hatfield's barbecue picnic on Labor Day weekend:

It was about four weeks ago and I was working at the shoe store on Main Street. Things were real quiet at that time on account of the summer fairs over in Carlson. People just weren't around.

I remember it was afternoon 'cause lunch was over and I didn't have my belt on. This guy comes into the store, walks over and stands right in front of me.

"Can I help you?" I says.

"You Marcus Colby?" he says.

And that's when he hands me the bag. "This is for you, Marcus. Stay mindful of it and keep it with you at all times - it will bring salvation."

Then he leaves. The whole thing didn't take one minute. I open the bag and it's this red plastic whistle. Carry it with me ever since.